Dianne Sundby, Ph.D.

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Director, Career Counseling and Assessment Associates

Dr. Sundby is the director of this service which addresses career selection and career change. She works with older teen-agers, young adults and mid-life and older adults.

Please contact her at (310) 274-3423 to discuss arrangements for an appointment.

The career selection and change programs offered by Dr. Sundby typically involve four one-hour meetings, with the two middle meetings involving assessment. The questionaires and inventories which are selected to address the individual's specific concerns are validated and well-documented for usage. In the fourth meeting, career choices and how they can be initiated/implemented are discussed.

Meetings can also be arranged on a session-by-session basis, with the sessions tailored to the individual's needs. Coaching for obtaining work, including interviewing, as well as skills for handling at-work dilemmas are addressed.

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